Property Taxes

Whether or not you let out your property!

It is a statutory obligation for everyone who owns a property in Spain to complete either:

An annual tax return, usually called a Renta,

(Modelo 100) OR A non-resident tax return (Modelo 210)

If you regularly rent out your Spanish property, you should submit a tax return and you may have to pay income tax on the benefit obtained.

According to Spanish law, unless you complete a Renta every year (usually April/ May for the previous tax year) you are considered to be a non-resident and therefore you must submit a non-resident’s return every year. This is usually payable at the start of every year in respect of the previous calendar year.

This tax is paid to Hacienda (the Spanish Tax Office) every year.

The Spanish Authorities retain records of all property transactions in Spain. They are empowered to investigate cases where no tax return has ever been filed. In such circumstances, the authorities may contact the property owner requesting all the unpaid taxes - plus a substantial fine.

It is also a legal requirement that all property owners who are non-resident appoint a Fiscal Representative in Spain.

Our fiscal representation service includes, not only the preparation and submission of your tax return, to the Spanish tax authorities, but also advice and assistance regarding your individual fiscal status in Spain. You will receive the best advice according to your own personal situation.

Our experts will provide you with the tax information you need for your specific situation.