Spanish Property Conveyancing


We offer you the complete package when buying a property in Spain!

The safest way to purchase any property in Spain is via a lawyer who knows their stuff and who will give you impartial guidance and sound legal advice.

1) Legal investigation of the home

We'll advise you through the entire buying process and will guide you, in plain language, from start to finish, until the final stage of the purchase which is the signing of the deed of transfer contract at the notary's office.

However, before letting you sign any contract, we shall investigate the legal aspect of the property. This means that you will know all about the construction, financial and fiscal situation of the property in question.

If it is a new build, we'll be there to guide you at every stage of construction.

2) Administrative support

We arrange all the formalities. From the initial draft contract all the way to the notary. Good legal support is essential to ensure that the notary has all the necessary documentation.

We'll  ensure that your Title of ownership is registered in the national Land Registry as well as in the Property Register. The notary does not always do this.

3) Practical questions

What about the connection/transfer of water and electric? How do I pay the SUMA/IBI? (local authority taxes). We ensure a seamless transfer of the utility contracts.

What about preparing the tax return? After the purchase, we'll be pleased to help you further so that you can enjoy your new stay without worrying

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What costs can you expect to incur as a buyer

As an example: if you want to buy a holiday home in Alicante at an agreed purchase price of 160,000 euros, you could expect the following estimate of costs

Notary and land registry costs: between 1,000 and 2,000 euros.
Water and electricity contracts: anything between 100 and 600 euros.
Registration fees: 16,000 euros (10%)
Lawyers' fees: between 1,200 and 3,200 euros (1-2%)
There are no registration fees for new-build properties or a purchase on plan. However, in these situations you pay 10% VAT and a stamp duty of 1.50% on the purchase price. New construction projects are therefore often more expensive.

In general, costs could add another 15% to the purchase price. If you intend to borrow from a Spanish bank you should expect further costs.



If you put  a house for sale through a real estate agent, he will ask you for a number of documents that he must be able to show to a prospective buyer, according to the legal provisions.
You must be in possession of the following information / documents:

Description of the property, address, floor area, rights attached to the property (for example, right of way);

The asking price;
A Nota Simple: an extract from the Real Estate Register, which shows that you are the owner and whether or not there are debts and charges on the property (for example, mortgage, usufruct, etc.);
Last paid water and electricity bills;
Copy showing that the property tax has been paid;
In many cases, the habitability certificate is also requested.
Energy certificate;
If applicable: information about the Owners' Association.
Possibly Certificado de inexistencia de expediente sancionador ",

"Licencia de Primera Ocupación" or Segunda occupacion (residence permit) and all (building) permits that you have.

What can we do for you?

1) We check whether you have all the documents that are needed and if necessary we ensure that these documents are present.

2) We check your documents and represent you at the buyer's lawyer or the buyer himself.

3) We organize the legalization of buildings if possible, the energy certificate or other absent documents.

4) We take care of the contract in your national language and follow up that the buyer follows the conditions.

5) We assist you with signing at the notary or we can provide a power of attorney so that you do not have to be present during the entire process.

6) We ensure that everything is finalized and the outstanding taxes are paid and we also ensure that the payment is correctly paid into your account.

What possible costs do you have as a seller

Income tax for non-residents 3% if not a tax resident in Spain

Energy certificate if not present


Legalization of buildings or land if necessary

Licencia de segunda o primera Ocupacion if necessary

Possible mortgage costs and mortgage closing

Any outstanding bills elect / water / suma

Possible brokerage fees

Possible income tax