Debt Recovery

AP are also experts in debt collection from any company or individual residing in Spain.

The first step is to consult us and provide us with all the relevant information about the debt you wish to collect. We shall then be able to ascertain whether or not your case complies with the legal requirements which Spanish law courts establish as mandatory in order to claim a debt.

Secondly, we shall check the debtor’s solvency in order to establish your chances of collecting your debt. Should the debtor be a company, we would also check the administrator’s solvency. Once the results have been studied and the viability of a legal claim has been verified, we would start all the necessary legal procedures.

Thirdly, if circumstances permit it, it is possible to request the seizure of the debtor’s goods as a precautionary measure which is meant to prevent the debtor from selling their goods once our legal claim has been notified to them.

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